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03-06-2017, 17:07
We were new to rabbits as pets. Found SRR by chance and now feel part of their very large SRR family! Hayley and Alison always there to help and just … read more
18-12-2017, 16:41
If you are looking to re home a bunny, then look no further, the volunteers have an amazing knowledge that they are happy to share, the right owner … read more
22-08-2017, 17:05
Thank you for helping the bunnies and helping my lonely girl find love again. SRR acted quickly and The info pack was great! Hope these help enrich … read more
Feb 25

Mufassa has passed away

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to let you all know that our beautiful permanent boypeacefully in his foster Mum Hayley’s arms a short time ago. We believe it was down to old age as he was 11 years old. We will keep a close eye on his wives Flower and Cottontail especially Flower who he has always lived with since before coming to us. Run free over rainbow bridge Mufassa 💔

Feb 20

South American short eared squeaking rabbits

Although primarily a rabbit rescue we do occasionally take in ‘South American short eared squeaking rabbits’. Meet recently bereaved George who is 2 in June and looking for a new friend as he’s a little lost without his brother 🐷

South American short eared squeaking rabbits

Feb 18

Arrival number 4

Arrival number 4 is Evie named by Sophie Sharps. She’s aged 1-2 and a medium sized Agouti girl ❤️

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Feb 18

Arrivals 2 and 3

Arrivals 2 and 3 are 3 year old continental giant brothers Roger and Peter (Roger is the more ginger one). They are looking for a home together away from the strong scent of a female rabbit as this has caused them to fall out in the past even though they normally have a strong bond.

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Feb 18

Our first new arrival today

Our first new arrival today is 3 year old Tiana a Netherland Dwarf named by Katie Humble. She was the 3 year old Male due in but turned out to be female on arrival. She needs a home either without dogs or with calm dogs used to rabbits because she has been harassed by a new puppy in her previous home and is very nervous of them.


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